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Born and raised in Clarendon Hills, Illinois, Gregory grew up with a strong passion for the arts since early childhood. He is fortunate to have always been surrounded by supportive family members mostly coming from science and engineering backgrounds, and Gregory often weaves principles from those fields into his work – like following engineering design principles and understanding patterns. He hopes to use parts of his STEM upbringing to full effect when composing music and designing soundscapes for media.

He began his college education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, studying Pre-Law. It was there oddly enough that he discovered his talent for composing, spending much of his free time around the College of Fine Arts. He finished his education at Columbia College Chicago with a bachelor’s in Music Composition; and from there, Gregory has journeyed into game development, teaching himself how to code and to utilize powerful game engines like Unity and Unreal to create immersive worlds where his music and ideas can find residence. He has founded two groups to help make dreams like this reality: Big Deal Services, a community of designers and problem solvers that dedicate themselves to inspiring folks through multimedia, and Big Deal Studios, a team of composers, programmers and sound engineers who are dedicated to making incredible games and bringing life to projects through music and sound.